This article will not aim or pretend to be a nostalgia act about an old video game, but in hopes for better illustration check out this video where a programmer who used to work for the game "Spider-Man 2" for the PS One plays SPIDERMAN PS4 for the first time. Ive marked the video where he goes through a "crane" and thinks he will hit it, yet he doesn't. Why? Because the game did it for him. Thats the sort of mentality that THPS is not about, if you bail a combo it'll be because you lacked of control on the balance meter, if you did 1 billion points it'll be for your own merit and honor, it's how we roll. That's how this game was supposed to be, there are indeed a few things that can help you, such things like "Special Bar Meter" and special tricks, some ramps with built-in boosts that send you flying, but never something like a magnetic wall, rail to help you "not bail". =) SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) Game Designer Tries the PS4 Game for the First Time

What is IMPROV??!

Hey there! So you decided to take a chance at this “improv thing”? That’s awesome! Congrats! Best of luck! But you don't have a clue? Ok, this will take a while...

I will address this from the very start, details = everything.Tony Hawk's games can become fast-paced when your quick enough to deliver and move on. What I mean by this is that you have to pay attention to what you are doing but also have quick reactions to them in order to move on to the next thing. This can separate the long time players from the occasional one, so if you are a new player or the nostalgia kicked in this article will try to aim at you, more people involved would be nice. Times like theses shows us why a Tony Hawk game is so different than a 2019 FPS video game series, pick any title you want, from any year, they all the same. This is only a small community.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1) was first released on August 31, 1999 at this time video games were not done under any expectation of "user experience", or constructed under a premeditation where developers thought they could include "hacks" (watch random disclaimer video) or tweaks and things on the enviroment that would make it easier o complete challenges and obstacles in the game. The era of Tony Hawk video games comes from the times where Metallica was thought to be "fake metal" or sell-outs, grunge was dead, and hardly anything mysterious or dangerous was going on, except, THPS was created. Wether you know ir or not, for you to create KILLER combos you need more than a few set of skills, it takes a lifetime to deliver a good clean combo that can score BIG and can look RLYRLYNEAT. You will find or remember that one of the key things that played a part in combos were the balance meters, and no, they would not forgive a bit of latency on your end you would bail that and if you lost the trillion points, that was it, starting over again. But points arent the only thing going on, at least not for the people that made this game, maybe they knew but it wasn't until the games clearly became more popular that the people playing them would notice that everyone suddenly played different, this was due thanks to the Online Play that came with it on THPS3 for the PS2. While im not going to talk about that, I will be going in depth, in to deep, in to the rabbit hole of what we call I M P R V. Improvisation is a genre by itself along these places, and we couldn't be more happier, but what is it and what does it mean?

Well my friend be ready to become part of my mess because you will become a master once your done reading this article, and I will be so thrilled that you read it, LOL.

im·prov·i·sa·tion /imˌprävəˈzāSH(ə)n/

1. the action of improvising. "suzy lee specializes in improvisation on the piano"
synonyms: extemporization, ad-libbing, spontaneity, lack of premeditation;

"some of the best things in the film came out of improvisation"

something that is improvised, especially a piece of music, drama, etc., created without preparation.

plural noun: improvisations
"free-form jazz improvisations"

I promise that this will all make sense at the end, yes it will.

As you can see, the definition starts out by stating that improvisation is a noun, an action, called “improvising”. As to where, how and why it became popular, you don't know that, we don't want to know but one thing is for certain; that andyTHPS style line on the shipyard is B A N A N A S In a way for this to work thinking outside of the box is super important you need to see what things are not working and which are the ones that you can manage to do. Simply notice how you play, when you bailed the combo, did you noticed why? You need to see which things are easier and which are the hardest, knowing your abilities is important. Although you can go for the sickest transfers and moves but really, how do you want to play? This is where that creaativity needs to step up and combine tricks, this will help you figure how your combos will look like. Sometimes you need to imagine the combo before you pull one out, like which trick will make you bail and which one won't, how many tricks can be done at this speed and on this "gap". Take it step by step, see which tricks are your favorites and how long they last until the animation is done. Through the games own animations you need to explore the level, call yourself explorer and see how far you can push your limits, paint that empty canvas, with or without a light to focus, this all gives us a different approach and how to do things, the point is that you try something different everytime, being in the lookout for much exciting things is keeping it alive.

In music, to improvise, you need to know a bit about music theory, this will then give you some sort of "compass" or "tools" for when you want to create or improvise music. So in order to know how to implement your own style in Tony Hawk's Improv, you need to have an eye for detail like i've mentioned before, a feel for the balance meters but also on the tricks, and the will to explore. The animations will always do their thing and how they are "sequenced" will be up to your input and latency, and the amount of things you want to do. Tony Hawk's Games have its own unique game engine, underneath this you can find how it functions, and more so on the subject, how much time the animations lasts between sequences and why it does what it does but the way that things are implemented on the code have the last word into how this game provides all the excitement.


Good ole Byxor INC just released a video analysis explaining why "bonks" work and why you can "bonk", more here

If your’e looking at an improv run and still don't know why and how your not that lost, but if you don't think that this is fun is probably because you have never felt your heart racing when your at a combo, and the multiplier is only going up and the base score as well. The way to really like your own style is to watch others, once you got that heart burnt, go look at old videos see a list and pick at least 3 of them. Notice what they do and question that, you could even try to copy that until you get it looking the same, remember is all about the excitement. Everyone will end up playing different than others, to some extent, but remember that everyone is under the same engine, meaning some things are the same for everybody. Control is mainly what your'e looking for, control of speed, balance, timing, or whatever else you need to control. All these things when understood makes you have a wider perception of the things in the game.

Another point is the feel versus being a mechanical man, and this is something you will get when you try and ask for advice. Play the way you like, or feel, or want. Basically have fun if you find the game enjoyable enough to make a video.

The video above shows us great flow of special tricks while also keeping the speed floating, it is effective to maintain a good amount of speed without losing any type of control, that is what you always will want to have. Boulala is not losing the momentum although it would seem that sometimes he will bail or land but always there is a direction to go, if you keep that situation controlled.
For the most part you need to concentrate on creating something exciting, fun, risky, different than what you have seen before.

PROBRO-TIP: If somebody that doesnt improv at this game, thinks you are good at improv, consider yourself very good because somehow your managing to showcase what this game is able to do to someone that is not even aware of what you are doing.

For now I will leave the topic here, not without thanking you for reading and spending a little of your time with me, I'll keep you posted for when Part 2 is released, for now that is all, gg.